Welcome to Baagøe Schou

Baagøe Schou is a modern accounting firm that sets ambitious goals on behalf of our clients and staff. We regard ourselves as financial coaches and sparring partners for our clients. Since 1970, Baagøe Schou has been serving increasing numbers of clients coming from a wide segment of Denmark's business community.

Baagøe Schou has approx 25 dedicated employees, four of whom are state-authorised public accountants. In spite of the relatively low average age of our staff, their collective hallmarks are high stability and seniority. Quality and education are our top priority. To ensure this, everyone is involved in supplementary training on a regular basis, including via national educational cooperation and international GMN, an association of legally independent accounting and business advisory firms. In order to achieve our goals, we have well-defined values that lay the groundwork for our corporate culture.


As a modern accounting firm, we have the capacity to perform services that transcend conventional accountancy. Baagøe Schou's goal is to be a financial coach and sparring partner who specialises in transforming financial statements and index figures into new opportunities and prospects to keep our clients at the financial forefront at all times. This means that you, our client, pay for an accountant – not an accounting firm. At Baagøe Schou, you are always served by the same person who is familiar with your situation.

We make sure that your finances are under control and that as our client, you have a broad view of your commercial and tax-related options. We want our conduct to be a "sound return on your investment", because we want to be a "good bargain" for you, our client.

Jobs and careers

Baagøe Schou will never be stronger than the competence of the employees who serve our clients every day.

For us to fulfil our role as a financial coach, it is crucial that our employees regularly participate in supplementary training as a way of demonstrating their deep commitment to their daily work. We regard our employees as a strategic resource, meaning that each employee receives a personal training/career programme, in addition to interesting and challenging assignments.

Baagøe Schou has an attractive working environment with an interesting portfolio of clients who daily underpin the opportunities for your personal and professional development. So if you are a responsible, open and ambitious individual who would like to work for a modern company with competent, dedicated partners and employees, we would like to hear from you.

You are welcome to contact Bent Pallesen, state-authorised public accountant, on tel. +45 3524 5924 or by e-mail: bp@baagoe-schou.dk, to hear more about what Baagøe Schou has to offer.

Baagøe Schou

Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab
Fiolstræde 44, 3. th.
DK-1171 København K
Telephone: +45 35 24 59 24
Telefax: +45 35 37 00 70
CVR-nr. 21 14 81 48
E-mail: bs@bsrev.dk
Web: www.bsrev.dk

Baagøe Schou's values

We think it is important to believe in and adhere to some principles as to how Baagøe Schou should continue to develop in the future. The core values of our corporate culture are embodied in the following three words:

Baagøe Schou must provide professional, competent services at all times.
This requires us to be accountable to our clients and ourselves. Responsibility involves both saying "go" and saying "no".

Baagøe Schou is a group of committed partners and employees who welcome diversity but expect everyone to be a team player. We look for opportunities instead of limitations and use our open-mindedness to bring out the best in everyone.

Baagøe Schou's very existence is based on seeing our clients' opportunities and potential.
This requires us to develop constantly and to recruit human resources who are at the forefront of our profession, technically and personally.

These three core values are an integral aspect of our daily conduct at all times.