About us

Since 1970, Baagøe Schou has been serving an increasing number of clients representing a wide segment of Denmark's business community.

Baagøe Schou is an ambitious and professional accounting firm with more than 30 dedicated employees, 5 of whom are state-authorised public accountants. We set high standards and the quality in our work is always our top priority. 

With Baagøe Schou, you and your business will get:

  • Professional and personal advice
  • Financial security
  • An accountant engaged in your business goals
  • A close cooperation with your accountant
  • An accountant with a high degree of expertise in relation to rules, laws and standards

We take responsibility and deliver on our promises

As a customer with Baagøe Schou you will experience a genuine personal commitment and efforts focusing on promoting growth and development for you and your business. We are good at what we do and we will give you the best possible advice.

We want to put our clients first and establish a strong professional cooperation that will benefit both you and your business. We are a financial coach and sparring partner for our clients and we want to reflect our values in everything that we do. 

The core values of our corporate culture are embodied in the following three words:

  • Responsible: We are accountable to ourselves and our clients, and we know when to say "go" and when to say "no".
  • Open-minded: We see opportunities instead of limitations and use our open-mindedness to bring out the best in everyone.
  • Foresighted: We are constantly developing, both professionally and personally.

National and international relations – three professional resources

RevisorGruppen Danmark

The members of RevisorGruppen Danmark are independent state-authorised public accounting firms that are locally owned and managed. It is a nationwide association of more than 20 state-authorised public accounting firms and more than 1,550 employees, of which approximately 250 are state-authorised public accountants.

Baagøe Schou is a joint owner of RevisorGruppen Danmark. This means that RevisorGruppen Danmark is Baagøe Schou's professional backup office where accounting and auditing specialists can provide assistance in very complex matters. 

With this cooperation, we have established a basis for development and adjustment in line with the rapid changes in acts, rules and standards etc. 


Revitax is a business specialised in providing tax and VAT advice. It has existed since 1987 and their 10 staff members includes some of the country's most experienced tax and VAT consultants. 

Baagøe Schou is also a joint owner of Revitax. We cooperate with Revitax's specialists in complex tax and VAT matters. It is thereby ensured that we can always handle any given task for our clients.

GMN International

On the international scene, we are a member of GMNI; an association of legally independent accounting and advisory firms.

You can read more about GMN International on their website: http://www.gmni.com/ 

We use GMNI in our day-to-day work to assist our Danish customers requesting to set up a business abroad and our international customers requesting to set up a business in Denmark. 

Thus, we see ourselves as a responsible, open and visionary public accounting firm, nationally as well as internationally.