As a modern accounting firm, Baagøe Schou can act as your financial coach and sparring partner in all areas of your business's development.

We see potentials in accounting records and key figures, which ensures that our customers are always at the leading edge in terms of finances. We provide a wide range of consulting services at all stages of a company's life cycle, where we assist in providing an overview of the financial and tax opportunities.

Setting up a business

In the early stage, we provide advice on the most appropriate business structure. Knowledge about the legal framework is also important, and we can set up a meeting with a lawyer, implement an accounting system and create a budget. When choosing a bank, we also have a large network of specialists and can help you find the right match for you and your business.

Growth businesses

When your business is ready to grow in order to boost the sale of products or services, Baagøe Schou can provide advice on how to keep up with the growth and mature your business, without the risk of losing your competitive position.

Established businesses

After analysing your business, we will provide advice and guidance on changes that will increase your earnings. We will also take a closer look at your ownership structure and how we can optimise your assets.

Merger, acquisition or expansion

If you want to expand your business, we can help. We perform due diligences – also cross-border due diligences – through our international cooperation. We are an experienced cooperation partner for businesses and we would be happy to contribute to a discussion and draft your business's expansion strategy.

Preparing your business for sale or succession

Succession or sale of your business is a major decision that requires strategic and procedural considerations. The business must be presented and the potential for development must be clear to the new owner. Whether you choose to sell your business internally or externally or choose to transfer it to a family member, we can provide advice and guidance on the best process for you and your business.

Feel free to contact us and hear what we can do for your business.

At Baagøe Schou we are always ready to provide advice and assistance with any challenges your business may have. You can contact us by phone at +45 35 24 59 24 or send an email to